Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Scully's at Swing Island

Newly weds visit a Swingers Resort.

Moral OppositesJoe and Poppy Scully start their new married life by spending a week at Swing Island, a wedding present from their parents.

This story is the follow up series from the "Moral Opposites" Series of books about the happy couple and how they accidentally met coming from morally opposite upbringings. One from a strict Mormon household and the other from a sexually liberated nudist household.

One of them had to leave behind everything and everyone they knew to be able to be together. The series can be found at or search the Kindle store for "Moral Opposites"

You can read all about Swing Island in the "Swing Island" series of book which tells the remarkable story and romance of George and Ellie at or search the Kindle store for "The founding of swing island"

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