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The Scully's Series

Joe and Poppy Scully start their new married life by spending a week at Swing Island, a wedding present from their parents.

This story is the follow up series from the "Moral Opposites" Series of books about the happy couple and how they accidentally met coming from morally opposite upbringings. One from a strict Mormon household and the other from a sexually liberated nudist household.

One of them had to leave behind everything and everyone they knew to be able to be together. The series can be found at or search the Kindle store for "Moral Opposites"

You can read all about Swing Island in the "Swing Island" series of book which tells the remarkable story and romance of George and Ellie at or search the Kindle store for "The founding of swing island"

Moral Opposites Series

A romantic attraction that should not happen

Two people whose moral beliefs are at the opposite ends on the spectrum accidentally meet and fall in love.

He is from a devout and strict Mormon family and she is from a sexually liberated nudist family. They cannot be together and they cannot bear to be apart.

After months of dating Joseph must make a decision does he lose the girl he loves so much or does he abandon his faith and his family to go with her and her family on a nudist break?

Poppy's family welcomes a naked Joseph, very emotionally, into theirs and his sexual education begins.

The Executive Sex Club

Masonic lodge cross BDSM club

Jason and Emma Jackson after 8 years of marriage have found their relationship and sex life stale. This is about to change for them both.

Following a promotion to the board of the company Jason works for, he finally meets the founder and CEO, a man that a lot of mystery revolves around.

Jason and Emma are invited into a very secret and exclusive club but first they must pass a test and endure a lengthy initiation where their bodies are used and abused for many people's sexual gratification which lasts for hours.

If they can get through this they are assured substantial rewards.

Emma Finds a Sugar Daddy

She gets exactly what she wants

Eighteen year old Emma really didn't want to grow up and was very unhappy. Suddenly finding herself on the streets after her step father threw her out she found solace in Tom who was willing to look after her.

Initially Tom only had platonic feelings for Emma and just wanted to help the poor girl.

Emma had other ideas and slowly seduced him.

The Norths Series

A romance between a middle aged man and a teenage girl.

Steve North, aged 52, is persuaded by his best mate to try a exclusive and very expensive mail order bride company. Despite Steve's reservations things progress at a surprising pace and he suddenly finds himself married to the girl of his dreams, literally the girl of his dreams, his ultimate fantasy girl. 18 years old with the perfect body in every minute detail and she falls in love with him.

Both very highly sexed and they experiment with different kinks and fetishes becoming closer to each other with each new experience.

Swing Island Series

The story of a not very well endowed ordinary guy who, through a surprise inheritance, becomes not only incredibly wealthy but a sex god. He is quickly snapped up by a beautiful young woman who, rather than keep him to herself, encourages his sexual development with many partners both male and female. They discover they have a unique bond and deep love for each other that no one can come between. Working together they build the most exclusive and unique swinging resort on an island where there is a permanent ban on clothes, and that goes for everyone including the staff.

Swinging in a Motorhome Series

The story of a middle aged guy who after the death of his wife discovers life living in a motorhome and touring Europe. As a result of a little research he discovers the secret of finding swingers on the road. His education starts before he even leaves England and continues throughout France and into Spain.  It's in Spain that things take a surprising turn when he falls in love with a young beauty half his age.

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Unexpected Massage

Two office colleagues who have wanted each other secretly for years finally discover they have feelings for each other while he tries to help her study for a masseuse exam.

Things get very steamy on the massage table and the truth comes out about how they have felt about each other all this time.

Intern Humiliation

Samantha, the company ball buster, is forced to have an intern. Todd, a very fresh faced young man, is unlucky enough to be on the top of the pile. On his first day he makes a mistake and has to suffer the punishment Samantha gives him of being striped naked. Trouble is Todd’s obvious excitement gives him away and he becomes Samantha’s new toy to humiliate in any way she can think of. Turns out that he is not the only one to suffer.

On his first day he makes a mistake and has to suffer the punishment Samantha gives him of being striped naked. Trouble is Todd's obvious excitement gives him away and he Becomes Samantha's new toy to humiliate in any way she can think of. Turns out That he is not the only one to suffer.

Pissing Secret

Emma has a dirty secret she can not share with anyone. She wets herself When She climaxes and she climaxes When She pees. She managed to keep this secret until the man of her dreams gets her out into the wilderness. Much to her shame and embarrassment the truth comes out, and so does His secret!

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